Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Hate Moving

I started moving yesterday and already feel overwhelmed. How did I end up with so much stuff. I feel the urge just to call The Salvation Army and have them come and pick up everything. I want to purge. But then I start looking at stuff--especially clothes that don't fit me anymore--I think, I love this XXX, I want to wear it again. So alass, I have more than my allotted share of belongings.
On Friday night, I had my all purpose "I'm Out of Debt" party which piggy backed on the facts that I started moving the next day and it is my birthday month. Note that I have a birthday month--not just a day. The entire month is mine to use as a justification for any behavior I might want ti display.
It was a fun party, I got lots of loot--thanks everyone! You are fantastic. I had the dinner at Bucca di Beppo--and I still have leftovers in my fridge. We had a good time--at least we got full.
However the next day when I checked my account, my available bank balance was short in the the tune of $275. In a panic, I waited until the staff at Bucca arrived and spoke with first the Chef Manager and then the General Manager. They tried to tell me that this happens all the time, the server entered the wrong amount the first time, cancelled it, and then ran it again with the correct amount. Meanwhile the bank debits both amounts and it takes up to 5 days to show that correct available balance. What?? I called my bank First Hawaiian, the very pleasant rep told me and the manager that the manager only needed to call their merchant services department, get an authorization code, call the bank and the money would be immediately available. The manager acted like this was my bank's fault but really if there is a fault it lies with the restuarants merchant services. I waited for a call back but nothing, then on Sunday afternoon, I went to Bucca and the Chef Manager at last got the authorization codes, called my bank and then let me know that the funds would be available in my account again. Geez!!