Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I am reading

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up 100 ways to Simplify You Life by Joyce Meyer. It was new title that came in, so I checked it out. Over lunch at Baja Fresh, I started this title. Quickly I discovered that this was based on Christian doctrine and thought about tossing it back into the bookdrop but thought "No, I am opened minded, I will go through it there may be a few nuggets, then I got to page 1 and I read the follow quote: "It's like removing an egg yolk from the egg white--both can be used separately." This stopped me in my tracks, I said wait a minute: yeah the yolk plus egg white is OK if you are talking about an omelet, but what about a meringue--that is only good if you have egg white and what about custards--they are only good with an excess of yolks.
And I do love my custards!! Creme Brulee--Heaven in a Dish!! I spent hours trying to fix this analogy but couldn't. Some times an egg whole is fantastic and some times the part make something better and sometimes they combine to make something more. That is life.
So I gave up on this title and still have gotten over the bad analogy yet, just ask my mom. I ragged on the analogy this morning during my weekly phone call. My mom said "Well, the book wasn't for you." What words of wisdom, I was trying to be open minded and it failed because the other side simply could not see that the constituents can come times be stronger than than the parts but other times stronger.

Otherwise, I finished Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. The Masonic tradition is taken Ok. But if you have watched What the Bleep Do We Know then you are ahead of the game here. Dan Brown is a good story teller taking fact and fiction, meshing them together in a compelling story. I can't wait to visit one of my favorite cities and see all the landmarks talked about. I love DC, it is among the most European cities in America. But I visited during a time with the only days above average temp were they days that I was in a workshop. Yet, I loved running along Embassy Row in the morning and into George Town. In the evening we search out the best Sushi the restaurants had to offer. Dave showed me Sushi as I never saw it in Japan and I introduced him to Caviar at a Russian Fusion restaurant. Little did we know in May that by October that our lives would become so inextricably entwined.

But what I am really enjoying right now is The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix. This is a young teen series that I love. I am impressed that I am on book 4 and still find the series interesting and still with turns and twists that I couldn't have imagined. The depths of course could cause controversy, God, the Architect a woman? It segues well with the Dan Brown new title. I am having fun here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is why I hate...

Get anything done to my car. I go in for one thing and then there is a gazillion other things that need to be done. Ok, so I admit if I were more regular about getting things done, I might not have a gazillion things to do but that is not my point. My point is that I know that I needed a new set of rear tires. I go to Sam's Club to see if they had any that would fit my car, they didn't but in the mean time the guy tells me I probably need new shocks. Great! Then I go to the the garage down the street to talk to them. They have tires that I need but I am also told that I need an alignment. The guy asks if it has been more than 6 months since the last alignment. Hmmm, yes, I would say never falls into the the more than 6 months category. So we come to a deal, it will be about 20 minutes and he will call me.
I get a call about 20 minutes later. Because my reception is soooo bad--AT&T are not my "I Love This Company" list at all. More bars in more places--but not anywhere I need to talk. Anyway, I run down to the shop and am told that yes, I do need new shocks, that is $119 and look at this brake "It is missing a piece"--OK so that explains the squeal when I back up. That would be $50 each so total--$250. Not today I tell him, next payday, I know where some of my $ are going. Just what I always wanted for my birthday, new shocks and brakes. Plus, I still need to get 2 other new tires. So here I am waiting for a phone call that should come in about 40 minutes. I love how 20 minutes became an hour and a half. Yes, that makes me happy. My schedule is blown now, I am looking at $500 more in car stuff.
But since I will probably start commuting again next month, I need to make sure that my car is OK, so that raise I will probably get for a promotion that I am most likely to get, will go for gas. Probably won't even cover the gas. Joy and happiness. But we do what we have to do and I can't say no to a promotion, soon enough my lease will be up (in March) and I will be able to move if I want. I am lucky that I don't have a mortgage and am fixed with all the moving around I have been doing since I got here. I have been told by my supervisor that I will be at this library for a while. Yeah, right that is what she said the last time. But I think I might, I can't go much higher. Honestly, there is only one more step before you become an Administrator. Please, off on the 4th floor for a while, thank you very much.