Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kicking the Credit Card Debt

Well, it is official. I have paid my last credit card payment. I am so excited, it has taken me 4 long years to get them all paid off but at last. Everything seems to be changing for me. I will move out of ghetto land on October 2nd. I get moles removed on September 30. I host my first debt free party on October 1. The next month will still be tight due to the party and moving but at last I can see some $ staying in my bank account between paychecks.
Last night I was invited to the Ladies' Club Spaghetti Dinner by our Friends of the Library Treasurer. There was an "Opportunity Drawing" for gift baskets. I bought 15 dollars in tickets which meant 45 tickets to place in bags for about 20 items. I randomly selected about 12 items doubling up on most of them. When the drawing started, they started with a Christmas Basket and called my number. I wasn't very surprised because I noticed when I put my 3 tickets in the bag there were only 2 other tickets, I had a better than 50% chance for that basket. But then they called my number again and again and again for a total of 8 items. I was really embarrassed by the end. I got a wicker picnic basket, an Italian baskets, some jewelry items, and other things. At the end someone wanted to take a photo of me because of the all the loot. What fun that was.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finally I am Moving!

At last I have decided to leave ghetto-land and upgrade my circumstances. On October 2, I will sign a lease, pick up keyes and begin to move me and the two cats across town to Valencia Town Center. I have decided on The Madison. I am excited that I will be leaving Diamond Park. Living there has just gotten me down. Living above the drug dealer really ruined it all for me. Not to say that I won't be living next to a drug dealer at the Madison but at least he will have a higher class of clients. I used to have to walk through coversations about getting out jail, fights and other conversations that men who have too much time on their hands have.
I am looking forward to a kitchen that doesn't have roaches--a going away present from the drug dealer and his family when they moved out, a broken garbage disposal, a stove that I am afraid to use and a dishwasher that I never used because it didn't look like it would work.
I will be paying extra for the upgraded--granite counters and all stainless steel appliances. Yes, the rent is way too much but I looked for similar places in Glendale and would have paid almost twice as much. And after ghetto-land, I need something to soothe my sensibilites. Also, I am hoping that I can expand my social network and get out of the funk that I have been in so long.
So right now I am looking at selling some of my stuff--namely my fridge, desk and microwave as the new place comes with all three. I am also trying to get things packed up and cleaned up so that I can make the move as smooth as possible.