Saturday, April 30, 2011

Silver Sapphire

On Thursday, I commuted to the Library Breakfast with a collegue in his new Subaru Forrester. I was totally J because a couple of weeks ago, I noticed one on my way home and thought--my next car will be a Subaru. All day Thursday I thought about the car and again on Friday I thought about it and did a little bit of research about All Wheel Drive vs Front Wheel Drive. By yesterday at 5:00, I had racked up enough reasons to go test drive a few cars. I stopped by Galpin on my way home, just to have a look. I didn't really have in mind that I would end up with a new vehicle--honest. Well, I guess, I thought that I might, I know that when you go look for a car, they really try hard to get you in one. I thought if I could get one with no outlay from my pocket and with payments around what I am already paying, then why not.
I thought it might be reasonable to upgrade for the following reasons.
* The RAV 4 had over 100K on the odometer, I was beginning to get concerned a major repair would be in my near future.
*My tags were due in June so I would have to lay out bucks for them.
*I needed to replace my windshield. I had a crack fixed in Oklahoma two years ago but I noticed that it began to run in a different direction and I had a star that might have caused a problem.
*I changed out my brakes last year but I have had them tightened up 3 times since and stopping on the downhill always made me nervous--I have to stop on a pretty steep incline when I leave work to get on the road.
*My rear shock was leaking and needed to be replaced.
*The right fender was loose and when I drive on the freeway with high wind, it flaps.
*I want to be able to drive back to Oklahoma to see the family and my RAV 4 was making me feel that it might not make it.
*I commute to work and need a reliable vehicle.
And at the dealership they showed me the car fax which said that the first owner wrecked the RAV 4, Toyota bought it at auction, spruced it up and sold it to me. Grrr...this little fact meant that my trade in wasn't as nice as I would have wanted it to be. Grrr....
At about 3:00pm this after noon, I walked away with my new 2011 Subaru Forester that I have dubbed the Silver Sapphire. When I set up my account on line I had the option to name the new addition to my family so this is what I settled on.
Good-bye to my faithful RAV4. It was a good ride for me. I really did enjoy driving it around for the last 5 years. I really enjoyed driving cross country twice with it. It moved me from Sylmar to Palmdale to Canyon Country to Valencia. I carried tables, books, and all kind of stuff around in it.
But it was time to move on. Now I can plan my next trip to Oklahoma with a lot less anxiety. This fall, I want to drive back with a side trip to Chaco and maybe up to Mesa Verde.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Back, Tax oDay and Other Musings

Yesterday I got a text asking if something was up because I hadn't posted in a while. When I logged in this morning I was surprised that it has been about 6 weeks. What can I say, not much, I have been lethargic for a while. Better than I was at the end of last year but still in a bit of a rut. I think that it is because I have completed a big goal and am now somewhat goal-less or at least without a goal that I can really sink my teeth into. For a bit I tried to hang my hat on really cleaning up my eating habits and getting my health and weight in line. I outlined a plan but then I didn't fall off the wagon so much as I never seemed to have actually boarded it. It went off on it's own while I was having a QP at McDonald's. Hmmm...
I decided that I was trying to do too much at once and that my habits are in such disarray that I need baby steps to get myself down the path that I want to be on. So the first step is to incorportate at least 2 pieces of fruit in my diet each day. That seems to be going fairly well. I have missed a couple of days but for the most part, I am on target. I thought about joining Jenny Craig because I haven't been cooking and on Jenny you just have to prepare salads for you/rself. I am giving myself one more chance before I go to Jenny becuase I really want to cook--now that the roach problem has been solved (more on that later).
Roaches! Gross! A couple of weeks ago, I had several people over for dinner. Both the oven and the stove top was on. Sister was putting buns in the oven (hahaha--I tickled myself) vc';p (sasha wanted to write something here). Back to the horror show--I looked at the digital read out and I saw a roach under the panel. Then suddenly, I saw two, three, four, five, more swarm under the panel. I recoiled in disgust. Sister saw it and wished she hadn't. On Monday morning I went down to cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx`1 (Misha's contribution) the Management office and arranged for an extermination. That deserves it own recount. I have two impatient cats and I have to go pay my taxes before I head to work so I will sign off now.