Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bane Shock Artist

Recouping where I left off last, last month I showed Bane the Shock Artist who uses recycled materials like cardboard and styrofoam was the canvas. I had a hard time getting his art up on the wall with my usual glue gun, tape and hemp but in the end, I was able to get it all up with a prayer.
End the end I liked how the exhibit looked in the space. My Meeting Room is spacious. I went to a new library opening and commented to the Library Manager that his Meeting Room appeared smalled than I would have expected. He corrected me, his room was not small but rather mine is excessively large. After looking at my Meeting Room again and thinking about all the other Meeting Rooms I know about, I had to conceed that he was right--my meeting room is huge which means that small decorations get swallowed up and I don't know that it would be possible to over decorate.
But back to Bane, here is his exhibit.  As usual I tried to group things together so that they have a nautral flow.  This wall was decidated to his very colorful alien scene.

Here was have some portraits.  Bane uses the artist pictures with the eye holes for a performance peace he does.  His self portait is at the end.  One the far left is Mona Lisa converted into the Mona Leecha.  One of pieces that I like the best the Aliens out for a walk on the right. 

Bane had several pieces that were primarily white with the eye-pyramid, so I group these together with the orange piece in the center to highlight the arrangement.
Here is a grouping of some of Bane's totems.  These are really fun.  I have a can that I keep candy in, that I really like. 

Here are a couple of attendees of the art reception.  Obviously they found that it was a transforming experience.

I can't remember what he called these there is a Maxi, Mini, and Micro in the title.  I just thought of them as the Modern Family--not the TV show of course.
I really like his swandwich board promoting his work.  I got a real kick out of this piece. 
The reception was a success.  Bane brought soda and pizza to the opening in addition to the snacks the library provided.  People throughout the following week, were able to see his work and I got a lot of positive comments from people, a few people voiced that it wasn't reall their cup of tea, but hey that is art and everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I enjoyed working with Bane and I liked being able to see a lot of his work.  I particularly like his masks and totems.  I also like that he utilizes recyclables.    This month, photography.  I will get everything up next week.  I have an additional artist so there will be 4 people including me which means that we should have an attractive display in the Meeting Room. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still Catching Up with March

March was cruising along just fine and then the Ides of March got me and the rest of the month ended in a whirlwind of me playing catch up. Geez.
First, I had to request the release of one of my part-time staff. I hate being the big meaney and the thing I enjoy least about managing is discipline. I want everyone to be a strong link in the chain and we sail along merrily in a happy boat. But the real job of management whether I like it or not is making suring that behaviors that affect the ship are monitored and corrected and if not corrected then they are removed from the boat. I can't state enough times how much I dislike displining and/or requesting the release of an employee so that event threw me into a tailspin emotionall. Our work shedules were impacted even further with this event. Earlier in the month a staff was promoted to a postion in another library--happy events are easier to bare than unhappy ones. But nevertheless we were down two positions totaling 40 hours each week. All said, for a variety of reasons, I had a hole of about 100 staff hours per week. Needless to say, I was very tired and had a hard time scheduling time off to see my brother Dave and his family who were out visiting.
On Friday, I had 3rd Friday Art Reception featuring Bane. Bane is a shock artist--I had to look that one up. Essentially shock art is designed to be incongrous so that it shocks you into thinking. Bane uses recycled materials, cardboard and styrofoam as is canvas, primary colors and an alien motif to create the shock. He also has a number of scultures, totems and masks as well. Visually it is very interesting, it really livened up the meeting room.
But I had a hard time getting his art to stay up without falling down. I try to do as little harm as possible to the back of the art if there are no hangers and I perfer what I am doing to be reversible if possible. My tools for art that has no hangers are my glue gun, hemp string, and tape.
I had hoped to get the artwork up before Town Council but because it kept falling down I had to repeat the process again and again each time getting more agressive with adding the hangers hoping that Bane wouldn't take offense. I wasn't but about a quarter finished when the Town Council arrived early for a land use meeting, so I was busy getting the pieces up. One of the Town Council Members asked if I was always the busy bee buzzing around from one place to another. Sadly I affirmed his observation, and he said that I needed to change my name to Busy Bee.
In the end I got everything up. Once again I was pleased with the result.
It seems that I am having trouble uploading photos and have a lot of stuff to get done yet. So I will come back later and post the photos of Bane's Art Reception.