Monday, November 22, 2010

Home in Idabel

It has been a nice vacation so far. I had an exceptionally smooth flight and enjoyed chatting with Bev my fellow train traveller and Trisha my seat mate on American. I don't often meet people traveling that I really enjoy talking to but this trip started out well.
My older brother picked me up at DFW. I had just walked outside, and was talking to my sister-in-law when I saw someone that looked like my brother cruise past. I asked if they were driving a Yukon, she said yes, and I yelled, stop. What great timing that was.
Brother was having a major toothache and back, hip, shoulder pain. He was not in good shape at all but like most Wiggins' he sucked it all up and drove us all the way back. Yes, I feel very guilty.
On Saturday, Mom and I went over to Foreman antique shopping. Mom told me she wanted to go to the Little Old Lady's store. We went in and sure enough it was a little old lade--Mom said that she thought he was 94. The little old lady, said "Look around and if you see anything you want, I'll give it to you." Apparently she sells Avon and then gives everything else away. Mom said that if she wasn't up to her ears in Avon she would buy some more. We left the store with some little Christmas ornaments.
After Foreman, we went to another antique mall in DeQueen before heading back to Idabel.
This afternoon we went over to Broken Bow for lunch the Chinese Restaurant. We stopped at Mostly Memories another antique mall. I found this very very cool, Native American piece. It is a turned wooden bowl on a slab of limestone that appears to have petroglyphs on it. It is a beautiful piece and as the woman at the shop said it would probably cost a lot more than $30 in California. Will post a picture as soon as I am can.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Update--Going Home for TG, Rose Bowl & Being Overwhelmed

I know, I know, I have been terrible about updating my blog. Last entry--I hate moving. I have been moved for over a month now--still waiting on my deposit to be returned from the ghetto. They are currently researching it. Whatever.
Work has been crazy busy. This past week, I have played mostly children's librarian with mine being out of the country at this time. Can't wait until the end of the month when she gets back. This week, I have done two class visits at the library, one outreach at a school, one children's program and a judging of the Pentel Bookmark Contest along with notifying the winners and putting together their prize bags. So not only am I doing my Manager job, but I am also doing both part-time positions. We have a daily circulation of between 1000-1300 items. That means that every day about that many items comes back and needs to go on the shelves. Right now, only about 35% of my staff has no mobility restrictions. So it is tough with the excess workload. I have an excellent staff but there is just too much for all of us to do. I come from strong peasant stock, and even I find myself pushed to my limits sometimes. In the end I come home exhausted wanting to stare at my walls.
Next week, I will be going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. The last time I went for Thanksgiving was 10 years ago when Mom called me home to say good-bye to my dad. That was a tough Thanksgiving for obvious reasons but also it was a time of disaster because one of the pipes broke in my parents house the week before when she was at the hospital with my dad. When she came home the house was completely flooded. When I came home the old carpet had been all pulled out but the new hadn't been laid down--holidays and all you know. But on to other stuff. It will be nice to be back and I need a break.
This morning Jess, my sister in spirit, and I went to the Pasadena Flea Market. The Pasadena Flea market is one of the three biggest in the US. It is pretty awesome. I ended up getting a gold occassional table for the apartment. I want to get nice furniture for a change but I don't really know what kind of style I am shooting for. Modern is about all I have gotten to. But the priority right now is to get a mattress set. I haven't had a decent one since I left Hawaii. I miss all my furniture in Hawaii. I had a nicely put together apartment in Hawaii.
The flea market was amazing. We got the Rose Bowl at about 10 to 8:00. We paid addmission of $10 each and then scoped out the RV's that were on display until 8:00. RV camping is not what it used to be. One was fully kitted out with a bedroom, bathroom, a good sized closet and recliners. I wouldn't mind roughing it in one of these.
At 8:00 we lined up to go inside the Rose Bowl. Everything you can think of was on sale. Right away, I found a booth with a couple of sisters from Arizona that came up. They had very nice items. Most of the things that I looked at were already sold. But there was a gold table for $50 that was still available. I opened my pocket book and SOLD was written next to my name on the tag. Just as the tag was completed, the person who was scooping up all the items, said "Oh, that was on my wish list." But the owner said "But it wasn't on your final list." and she said with a smile, "Yes, there is enough to go around for everyone."
I found a number of things that I liked but since I still don't have much in the way of cash flow, $50 was about my limit. I must focus and save for a mattress. Focus!! Very hard for me to do.