Sunday, May 16, 2010

Checking in

I still do not have a fix for my computer. I am in holding pattern with that and am enjoying not having fight the cats for computer time. The cats however do miss the computer and frequently urge me for a solution. We will see. The other day I looked up Balinese in a cat book--I got the following quote "The only thing low maintance about these cats are their long silking coats" Yes, I am well aware, well aware. I still get 4 am wake up calls.
Last Saturday I had my Mother Daughter Tea. It was a success with many happy faces. I would have been in a real jam if my volunteers didn't help out. As it was, I was exhausted by the end of the day. I would like to do a bigger and better job next year but with much more delegation early on. I spend a number of days preparing the flower pens that I had as party favors.
Speaking of the flower pens, I did a test run several weeks ago to see if the flower pens would work. They were attractive so I decided to put them at the Customer Service Desk at the library because we were losing pens right and left--about 2 dozen a week. That is a lot of pens walking away. It also generated a lot of frustration because everytime I looked to use a pen that desk I couldn't find one. I would have to go to another desk to root around for a pen or walk back to get a new box. Wonder of wonders, with the new floral pens, no one is taking them. We haven't had to open a new box of pens in weeks. Amazing. All the left over pens from the Tea--I made 75 of them so I had about 20 extra--now decorate all of our service desks.
Yesterday we had so much going on at the library--the meeting room was booked out to a large group. We also had a Historical Walk that started and ended at the library. Then in the afternoon we had Korean Dancers dancing outside. Oh yeah, also there was a bicycle safety check at the library in the morning--but I didn't have anything to do with that. So once again I was tired when I finally arrived home.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Very Tired

I will never have children again. The feline variety is about to do me in, I can't imagine years of being awoken at odd hours. Last night the two monsters decided that they were bored at 2:00 in the morning. They believe that 4 hours of leaving me alone is more than enough.
Recently I have gotten a water bottle. They learned fairly quickly not to hop up on the bed to get a belly rub in the wee hours. But they are now crying at night. I aim the water bottle at them but they are out of range. I lock them in the other room, they claw at the door. I lock me in the other room, they claw at the door. As my Mom says cats know that Paradise is on the other side of a closed door and they want to be on that side, until they are...
I am dreaming of going to a hotel room and getting a full nights sleep. There is a reason I never had kids...I am barely cut out to be a cat's owner much less the parent of a child.