Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What It Takes to Be a Great Leader

An inspiration to get out of ruts, to widen our comfort zones and to take initiative in our own development; today's Ted Talk is What It Takes to Be a Great Leader. Rosalinde Torres explores two questions:  Why is the leadership gap widening when there is more investment? and What are successful leaders doing differently?
Where are you looking for the next change?  Who are we spending time with, reading, visiting to determine where the next change is.  Great leaders see around corners, shaping their future, not just reacting to it.
What is your diversity measure?  How can you develop relationships who are very different from you?  Great leaders understand that having a more diverse network gives you better access  to varied solutions.
Are you courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made you successful in the past? If you keep doing what is familiar and comfortable which means that you won't be moving forward.  Great leaders are able to withstand others telling them their new ideas are crazy.
Great leaders prepare themselves for the realities of today as well as the unknown possibilities of tomorrow.
Now, to explore what I am taking away from this talk.  First, the world is a fast moving place, organizations need to explore non-traditional methods in development in order to narrow the leadership gap.  I would have to say that the recent, Leadership Development Program is a step in that direction.  But added to that, it is important for us be active in looking for changes, widening our networks, developing a support network. idea, yes a wee idea is percolating up to the top here.  What if...?  Would that work?  Just might and I won't know unless, I go for it.

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